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Since 1492 there has been a war to take over the America's.
Spain,France & Britain strategically colonized generation after generation.
By 1619 Bondage was mastered. That grew to what is known as "Chattle Slavery" aka the dehumanizing Stock Bondage. 
As greed grew, the New World economy was planted on the backs of the aboriginals of the continent. Banks were established to maintain a watchful eye on the growth.


A Saturn like fraternity was establish to watch the watchers.
As the pawn-overseers of oppression grew blood thirsty they too wanted to become lord & masters of the New World destiny. A war insued 1700's.

That again set the stage for an indigenous wipe out. By 1871 the bank reemerged to establish it's strong hold on the stocks & bonds of america & abroad. They named themselves The United States. 

RawyalNews is today's reminder of that great war that the civilians are fighting.
The reminder there is more to life than meets the eye.
-Rief Rawyal


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