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Historic Billion dollar Victory won in court

Michael Christopher Johnson died of lung cancer. He was addicted to nicotine.

He started smoking at age 13, in 1996 he died at the early age of 36.

His wife along with others filed a class action suit for 145 billion dollars.

The case was thrown out in 2006.

in 2008, Michael Johnson's wife Cynthia Robinson continue to pursue her case with Attorney's at The Chestnut Firm.

Last year, Florida's highest court re-approved the decision, which made it easier for those effected by smoke related diseases or their loved ones, to pursue lawsuits against tobacco companies without having to prove to the court again that Big Tobacco knowingly sold dangerous products and hid the hazards of cigarette smoking. How awesome is that? That's great for the people, bad for Big Tobacco here in the States.

July2014 The Chestnut Firm pulled off something the late Johnny Cochran would be proud of. 23.616,000,000 billion dollar verdict was awarded to Ms. Robinson against RJ Reynolds. WOW! This is obviously to send a message to big tobacco. "Your time is limited!"

RJ Reynold's reps sent a clear threat, that they will appeal & that this case is only beginning!

Of course R.News will continue to cover the case within the TOBACCO WAR SERIES..

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