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STAR WARS lasers tested on real prisoners

Let One corporation go Rogue without any repercussions & they all will follow the money trail until they're TOO BIG TO FAIL. This story really goes back to the 1800's. Secret experiments were being conducted on Africans & African Americans. Psychological, Biological & Physical torture to name a few. In 1865 the 13th Amendment was a Political Landmine introduced to avoid having the hard line of war draw more casualties than financial benefits. It worked. Everything blacks did in everyday life was criminalized. In later years the Federal agencies brought all types of drugs into the community, covered them in money & the Trap was set. Only recently has it come out as #fact opposed to a Conspiracy #Theory, that the US govt had a goal to destroy African/Americans on a global scale. The War on Drug,Crime etc along with CointelPro Mass Incarceration makes the US the leading Terror captital until they either shut down these programs or give birth to another nation that choses to function above the law. WW2 Gas, Syphilis, AIDS to name a few were stepping stones for this LASER, RAY GUN experiment.. It strongly suggested you hold every politician asleep at the wheel accountable for putting an end to this insidious ordeal NOW.. Now, hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for reading




Country over Coporations

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