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This episode traces the tragic case of #RudyEugene, a #Haitian #FloridaMan who was fatally shot 6 times by a private Fraternal Police mercenary group.

In 2012, during the busy Memorial Day weekend. The false story of a black man as a cannibal high on bathsalts quickly became a hot topic globally.

In Miami Florida. It was reported that the victim parked his car on the beach & walked several miles on the Causeway Expressway. Only to stop & eat a homeless mans face off...

The Bizarre story was fuelled by a $23 billion dollar lawsuit against #BigTobacco The goal was find a way to incriminate the family in order to when the appeal & avoid the payout.

Facial Recognition, Biometrics & traditional propaganda were used to sell the story to the public without any facts to prove other wise.. The CDC even got involved creating a Zombie Apocalypse preparedness kit on their website.

Although Rief #Rawyal sacrificed his platform to successfully counter the outrageous story. His peers in the music industry used the topic as a punchline & theme to create one of the most classic songs never officially released.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia hasn't updated it's site with the fact Rudy was innocent & the mainstream media still attempts incriminate him even after they were exposed as reporting a false story scripted by a private firm..

Song : "Full Metal Jacket" by @rawyal available now




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