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Welcome to Wonderland, where former US National Security Advisor, UN Ambassador & Rhode Scholar #SusanRice tweets how she & her army are really about that life.. (for her sorority/girls tho) Both Snoop & Rice are smart enough to know they're under a public microscope. So personally I think it's all Black Boule theater. Either way here's a few tweets from the people angered by Dr.Rice Here's a couple of Tweets people sent in response "Obama called Black people in Baltimore "thugs" after Freddy Gray was murdered by police and now here comes Susan Rice who NEVER talked tough like this to George Zimmerman, Trump or ANY white man. That "army" you spoke of is currently on YOUR behind @AmbassadorRice #UncleBensRice " "Susan Rice why not use that army to fight against black men being murdered in the streets or to give a voice back to disenfranchised voters. Maybe being married to a white man has you color blinded to reality...I’m just saying! Gayle King is a sellout...period"




Country over Coporations

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