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Just bare with me.. Although Nick Cannon & Rawyal are former label mates. They met for the first time, at a party Nick was DJing at in NYC. To most, this was supposed to be the ideal no brainer collaboration. It turned into more of the same, in what we'll call. #TaleOfTheTurban (Tale of the Turban is kinda like the Mandela Effect meets the Twilight Zone.) Way back in 2016, Nick Canon was asked by The Breakfast Club #Power1051 #RevoltTv Why the sudden change of style? He went from baseball caps & skullies to a rhinestone turban, basically out of no where. It confused the hip Hop community & the entertainment industry as a whole. Well, if you're familiar with the infamous viral video of "Rawyal vs AOC" You'll notice the similarities. If you follow Rawyal's entire conscious community experience you'll pick up on the rest of the language & styles. That being said, after Rawyal met the brother & sent his content. I'm sure Nick did his googles & youtube searches & ran into the Rawyal Goldmine lol Rawyal isn't upset at inspiring fellow creative & non creative to do the right thing & "Reconditioning their minds" aka smartening up. It just, disappointing when you could've accomplished more by working together & maintained the integrity of the art community. ************ Truth be told, When artist (especially recording artist) meet another artist, they're looking to do business with. We usually brace our selves for every possible outcome. The most infamous outcome is having your style imitated or your ideas copied. So this is really one of those no surprise moments, yeeeet... It's never too late to collaborate,"Smarten Up" & do business.. Hey, although it sounds like a great idea, won't hold the breath for either lol #MyDiplomaSaidGoodLuck All love, Stay Inspired Enjoy the music & youtube wants me to remind you to subscribe even if you're subscribed because they s*ck I mean enjoy moving the goal line. #PopulationControll




Country over Coporations

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