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After a leaked phone call of former US President Barack Obama stating his discontent with the current administrations handling, of the #CovidPandemic Trump responded by tweeting #OBAMAGATE That was all that was needed to create an avalanche of 3 millions tweets in less than 2 days. 2million of those came within a few hours before the Twitter police were activated. The details of that is all over the place. The main concern after Fauci the Faux & inc were put out the whitehouse due to "self-quarantining" is Gates fingerprints is all over this entire mess. So while some are focused on Obama, Clinton & Bush being arrested. Bill Gates is obviously using these guys as pawns. To see him & Barry together during the college days, says alot. Maybe Gates recruited & invested in him early (Pinky & The Brain style) That's enough for now The ultimate goals is to get Gates to stop running his AI simulations. We'll get into that crap later #MyDiplomaSaidGoodLuck




Country over Coporations

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